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Our Focus is to pay the BEST price guaranteed for your gold content!   


Speed and Efficiency

We are dedicated to looking after your needs quickly and efficiently. Wether you are selling, loaning or buying, we aim to make it a quick & easy process.

Personal Service

When you deal with SA Gold Diggers, you are dealing with a team whose only interest is to help you with your loaning,selling or buying needs. We don't just guarantee the BEST prices, we also guarantee the friendliest service! We are also a 100% South Australian owned & operated Company.

Gold testing methods

At SA Gold Diggers we use the latest technology when it comes to gold testing. Niton thermo XRF scientific analyzer which does not mark your items in any way & gives us an accurate reading of the gold or silver content.

1. The ‘magnet’ test: This is done by placing a magnet over your piece of jewellery. If it sticks to the magnet, it could indicate that the piece is not genuine or solid gold (as pure gold is not magnetic).

2. The ‘loupe’ test: This involves using a jewellers magnifying eye-piece to examine any markings on the pieces, such as hallmarks and stamps to indicate the carat content of the piece. Please remember, that just because a piece may be stamped as a certain carat, this doesn’t guarantee it is.

3. The ‘acid’ test: This test is done by using a drop of special gold testing acid on a small part of gold from your pieces. This process may leave a mark on the gold, and is hard to get rid of once it is done. This test is usually enough for the acid to be able to ‘react’ and therefore give a conclusive result, but does not 100% guarantee the actual gold content. For example you may have an item hallmarked ‘375’ (9 carat) but its gold content can actually be 10 carat, and you only get paid 9 carat value. This is one of the biggest tricks other gold buyers use to pay you less!

4. The ‘scratch’ test: This involves filing into the piece of gold to do a deeper acid test. This test marks your items permanently!

5. The ‘X-ray’ test:  Works just like any X-ray and does a reading to determine the exact carat of gold and can even tell you what other metals have been added to form your piece, for example silver, copper etc. This test is fast and accurate and does not mark your items in any way and is the latest technology in the gold buying industry.

When getting your items tested always check to see which method they use





I had these pieces sitting in my jewellery box for almost 2 years, I didn’t wear them anymore because they were bent out of shape and I was missing the other earring. A friend referred me to SA Gold Diggers and I was shocked to be paid $785 for it all and they even gave me the stones back out of my rings!   Susan, Tea Tree Gully, SA

My husband passed away recently and I needed money for funeral expenses, SA Gold Diggers tested all of my jewellery for free and paid me over $3,000 for it all! They almost doubled other quotes I had been given and I was charged a fee to be quoted by the other places! I recommend SA Gold Diggers to everyone!  Margaret, Semaphore SA

Ever since I found out about Gold Diggers I wont go anywhere else! They DO pay the best price like they say and always give me the friendliest service, I tell everyone I know not to go anywhere else! Keep up the good work gold diggers.  James, Salisbury SA