The first largest Australian gold nugget 'Holtermanns nugget'

In October of 1872 'Holtermanns nugget' was found and was the largest ever found at 1.5 metres long & weighed 286 kilograms with an estimated gold content of over 57 kilograms (That's 57 kg of pure gold & today would be worth around $2,994.210.00!)

Bernhardt otto Holtermann born 29 April 1838 in Germany, emigrated in 1858 to avoid  Prussian Military service and was a successful gold miner, businessman & politician in Australia.

He was a partener in a gold mining Company and  was not the sole founder of the nugget but the name 'Holtermann nugget' stuck.  He attempted to buy the nugget from the Company offering uo to 10,000 pounds higher than its estimated value, but the Company turned it down and had the nugget sent away to have the gold extracted.  Holtermann was disheartened and resigned from the Company in February 1873.